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Resup Artware Co., Ltd
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Artificial flowers & plants
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Fitness equipment, Clothing and shoes, Building materials, HVAC equipment
shandong dezhou

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What is Resupa.comResup, an individual and foreign-trading oriented import & exportcompany, is founded in 2018 by DavidZhang, an English interpreter who has long-term business workingexperiences in overseas engineering projects.Due to his long-term overseas business andlife, he is well aware of the urgent need for cooperation between foreigncompanies and Chinese factories and the desire of Freight Global of China'shigh-quality factory.As we all know, China’s reform and opening up hasgone through 40 years. However, in today's market economy, there are still many high-quality factories impossible toform a foreign trade team, due to geographical location and managementexperience, etc. However, the quality, design and price of these factories aresufficient to meet the needs of international buyers.Resup,the abbreviation of Reliable and Supplier, meansthat whenever you see the Resup product, the first reaction is that thesupplier of this product is trustworthy.As of November 1, 2018, Resup hasestablished partnerships with 10+artificial flower factories andworkshops in the Xiajin and YuchengCounty in Dezhou, Tianjinand Guangzhou. Through the official website: and the shop:, Resup interacts with international buyers. Here, wewill show a variety of price ranges, a variety of design styles and a varietyof MOQ products to meet the different needs of different international buyers.Our typicalfactory is a well-established organization for manufacturing and exportingartificial flowers for over 45 years with customers worldwide.We produce a great variety of productscovering more than 20,000 different styles of items. We always endeavor todevelop new products and make improvements to our existing products to ensurehigh quality and marketability of our products. Customers' designs are mostwelcome. We have great confidence in quality, competitive price and reliabilityof our products.Resup promises our profit will not behigher than the profi...